Fix Octonauts – Night & Day Studios, Inc. Lags, Freezes, Crashes

In this article we’ll fix Octonauts – Night & Day Studios, Inc. random crashing, not starting, errors, and glitches. To repair Octonauts – Night & Day Studios, Inc. not working on Windows, Mac, Apple, or Samsung, make sure to check all the links provided below.

Fixes for Octonauts – Night & Day Studios, Inc. Crash, Error, Freeze

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Octonauts – Night & Day Studios, Inc. Blackscreen Fixes

Night & Day Studios, Inc. - Octonauts  artwork Octonauts
Night & Day Studios, Inc.
Genre: Education
Price: $ 3.99
Release Date: November 16, 2016

Dive into the Octonauts underwater adventure and explore the amazing world that lives under the sea!

Join the mission with the first-ever Octonauts app, in beautiful 3D straight out of the hit TV show. Get in your GUP with Captain Barnacles and the crew as they travel the depths to explore, rescue, and protect their underwater friends. Discover games, snap pictures, and find wildlife friends as you cruise through the ocean and learn about the fascinating animals who live there. Meet dolphins and whales, decorator crabs and sea stars, in reefs and underwater caves as you navigate their real-life habitats. The team needs you to grab the controls and become the newest member of the Octonauts!

• Explore a 3D underwater world in the GUP of your choice, including the mysterious Midnight Zone
• Complete Dashi photo missions to document your adventure
• Help Shellington search for friendly creatures including starfish, sea dragons, and of course the Vegimals
• Collect interactive Creature Cards to learn true facts about aquatic animals
• Play more games to protect the ocean and rescue its creatures
• Race a sailfish! Dodge a shark!
• Recommended for ages 3-6
• No in-app purchases; no in-game advertising; no violence

Night & Day Studios, the creators of Peekaboo Barn, built this app. We love bringing adorable characters to life, and we made Octonauts with the same love that we have for Peekaboo Barn, Farm Day, and Lemon Lumberjack’s Letter Mill.

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Twitter: @nightdaystudios

© Software copyright © 2016 Night & Day Studios, LLC.

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