Fix Timeline Creator – Eduvia AS Blackscreen, Freeze, Error

Here are the best ways to fix Timeline Creator – Eduvia AS crashes, black screen, errors, and lag. To fix Timeline Creator – Eduvia AS not working on PC, Android, or iOS, make sure to check all the links provided below.

How to Fix Timeline Creator – Eduvia AS Crash, Error, Freeze

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Timeline Creator – Eduvia AS Crash Fixes

Eduvia AS - Timeline Creator  artwork Timeline Creator
Eduvia AS
Genre: Education
Price: $ 2.99
Release Date: August 25, 2018

Create customised timeline presentations for school, work, friends or family.

Timeline Creator is the most innovative, visual timeline-creation tool available. It’s designed for students, teachers or individuals wanting to create a timeline presentation for their professional or personal use. Open the app and start creating your presentation with Timeline Creators’ easy, intuitive, interface; teachers can create an event outline, for their students, in minutes.

Timeline Creator leaves the decisions up to you. You can start your timeline on any date and add text, images, and videos for each event. Jump back and forth in history as you build your timeline. Start at any point in time and add as much content to each event as you like. It’s all up to you. Your timeline also expands and shrinks to give you a view of your whole timeline, or of just one date.


•Photos from your library


•Fonts: changing the font type, font style and colour
•Background colours: selecting the perfect colour for each event
•Elements: adjusting size, rotation, opacity, and z-positioning (layering in back or in front of other elements)
•Photos and images: cropping them as needed

Timelines are An Effective Learning Tool – They Help Kids Remember More Information

Students have a dynamic experience building their own timelines, focusing on the details of historic events, and taking ownership of their own presentations. It’s up to each student to decide how to represent important dates with images, photos, maps or text. As a result of their interaction, retention of the materials should be improved. Students with a visual learning style excel at creating and using timelines.

In schools where all students have access to iPads, teachers can create individual or group lesson plans where the students fill out a timeline for a chosen event or historical period.

Students studying for advanced placement tests, or college admission exams can create timelines to help them retain and understand complex historical events.

Timelines Are for Everyone

You can make a timeline about any topic:

Friends Forever: Make a timeline of selfies featuring you and all your friends.
Puppy Love: Create a month-by-month timeline of your Golden Retriever puppy as she grows.
Romance: Build a timeline about your relationship for an anniversary or birthday gift.
Get Sentimental: Give your Grandmother a timeline all about her kids and grandchildren.

Timelines Make Effective Business Presentations

Create a proposal for work: Help your colleagues visualise the historical events leading to your great new idea, and then project the success of your new idea into the future with your expected milestone events.

Timelines Make Your Case

Lawyers and law students: Create timelines with each important document, contract or photo, arranged chronologically. Help everyone easily understand how the nuances of a case fit together.
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