Troubleshooting Lumy – WapleStuff Blackscreen, Freeze, Error

Here are the best ways to fix Lumy – WapleStuff crashes, black screen, errors, and lag. To repair Lumy – WapleStuff not working on PC, Android, or iOS, make sure to check all the links provided below.

Fixing Lumy – WapleStuff Crash, Error, Freeze

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Lumy – WapleStuff Blackscreen Fixes

WapleStuff - Lumy  artwork Lumy
Genre: Photo & Video
Price: $ 4.99
Release Date: August 27, 2014

Lumy is a beautiful app that helps you capture gorgeous visuals by letting you keep track of the Golden hour (also known as Magic Hour). "What is Golden Hour ?" It is a period around Sunrise or Sunset at which the light is often soft, warm, and perfect for capturing beautiful visuals. Professional photographers, videographers swear it as the "time of day with the best lighting."

With lumy, you can anticipate the best lighting condition and get ready ahead of time to take advantage of it. Lumy shows you the weather information like cloudiness and temperature for the next 2 days to plan things out.

Lumy notification is interactive and dynamic. It comes with the realtime countdown to the notified photographic time. Also, you can snooze or postpone the notification for the next day.

With the filter option, you can configure the information only relevant to you. You can get Sunrise, Sunset, Morning and Evening golden hours, Astronomical, Nautical, Civil Twilight for your current location, or any locations worldwide. Except for the weather information, "Lumy" doesn't need an internet connection.

– Beautiful Widgets – Quick info about Sun's Current Position
– Current location & Any place around the world using maps
– Dynamic Interactive Notifications with the live countdown to the notified time.
– No Internet Connection needed for golden hour calculation
– Support for Apple TV
– Spotlight Search
– Independent Apple Watch App
– Beautiful Apple Watch Complications
– Support for iOS 14, watchOS 7

The idea is to create an ultimate companion app for photographers. So email us your feedback. Thanks 🙂
© © WapleStuff

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